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I am not a professional poet, though I write poems, nor artist, though I draw and paint, nor philosopher, though I think. I am a professional scientist, geologist and systems engineer by training. I have a PhD, Doctor of Philosophy, so I am a professional philosopher after all.
      1. a concise statement of a principle;
      2. a terse formulation of a truth or sentiment;
      3. an ingeniously terse expression style

                 Merriam-Webster On-line dictionary

Any of those definitions will fit the 55 aphorisms extracted from and linked with journal entries. They were too short for poems and too long for slogans.
Poems:  (see list below for links)
I often express my feelings in free-form poems. Subjects range from love when young to more philosophical subjects later. I included 99 poems, 1 story, and 1 essay on this web site. The 101 items are listed below. Poems and aphorisms summaring my thoughts and feeling at the time. All are linked to other ideas or sources.
Title Date Title Date Title Date
A Dream 19691103Intelligence 19800000Self Portrait 19740923
Alternatives 19740923I Prayed Tonight 19700000Sex with Sharon 19690600
Breathing Life 20050709I Prefer The Loneliness 19700115Short 19690000
Bureaucracy 19800300Is Murder Immoral? 20050308Silly Little Confused Kid 19690000
Certainty 20120417Isn't It Sad? 19720300Sin 20130322
Childhood Wonder 19700000I've Never Had A Day 20120713Snow 20060120
Cockroach 20130807I Want To Give You A Dream 19690000Snow On Glistening Peaks 20131130
Come In, Come In My Friends 20130317Jobs 19900000Stoned 19700108
Crows 20141106Essay: Kierkegaard's Purity of Heart 19700620Strive On 20120630
Damn You, God 20121117Kook, Kook, Kook 20130302Susie's Poem 20150813
Dawn 19700115Laments For Sharon 19700109Television 19691220
Do Away With Learning 19720225Laments For Sharon(cont) 19700109Thank God for the Killings 20121226
Ethereal 20130305Magic Words 20141226The Bear 20120716
Eulogy to Nature 19690000Man-Woman: Let Us Grow 19740520The Blues 20041211
Euterpe, Come Ride With Me Again 20130411Mentors (pictures only) 20120226The Dealer 20050302
Evolution 20160523Metaphor 20160418The Desk 20120518
Fools 19700000My Place 20110905The Isness of the Is 19700300
For An Actress 19690000Noble Beasts Indeed 20131020The Last Time I Saw Sharon 19701219
For Jim and Chris 19671218Now, Where Did I Put That Pipe? 19691004The Plague 19690000
For Kristy 19690000Ode to Carbon 20141015The Promethean Gift 20130207
For Medicine Wolf 20141000Ode to Iris 20130900There Was A Time 20050215
For Sharon 19690700Ode to the Senses 20130216Time 20150109
For Sharon H 19700323Oh My God, The Phone Just Rang! 19691004Trees by Joyce Kilmer 19800000
For Those That Want To Change The World 19700000Oscillation 19700000Tell Me 19700000
From One Comes Two 20051229Story: Old Man By The Lake 19750000Walker Street 19690000
Goodbye To Sharon 19691004Only The Living Love 19691004Wedding Vows 19731221
Have You Ever Watched A Watch? 19691004patterns of the Wind 19960322We Love The Fight 20041028
History of Philosophy 20111214People Talking 20060120What Have I Heard God Say? 20120905
How Did It Begin? This Idea of God 20120309Perhaps I Babble 20160323What Makes Us, Us? 20121203
How Many Shades Of Peach? 20131123Poems I and II 19690000When The Blues Cloud Your Day 20050208
I Don't Know What God Knows 20130404Residents of the "Other World" 20130123Where God Keeps Butterfly Wakes 19930702
I Learned That Long Ago 19690000Sadism 19700800Yin-Yang and Einstein 19720300
I Love Machines 19730400Scenery 19700800out of order
I Met Them One Day 19700100Seas of Knowledge 20100513Canadian Hippies 19691128
Immortality 19760700Seeking Heaven 20130302For Sharon B 19691128