Man-Women: Let Us Grow
written sometime in the early 1980's
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19740520                         Compassion

Man-Woman: Let Us Grow
Man-Woman. From whence springs protagonism?
From whence springs antagonism?

Over Immeasurable void
     We find commonness.
Over illusory separation
     We find divergence.

I married,
     Now I demand.
I love,
     Now I rebel.

My contrariness springs from fear:
     Imagined threats to freedom
     Constrain me to negative reaction,
     And compel me to negative action.

Resolution seems to elude our efforts.
The trials from which spring new love have begun.
Idyllic love is waning,
Deeper love is waxing.

I love you Susie, let us grow.

Susie Sinnock
Written for my wife Susie.