For Kristy
written sometime in late 1969 (bsn)
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19690000                         Compassion                         Desire                         Raison d'Etre

For Kristy
(my Davidson lover who lingered)
My dear love, I want to give you a dream;
A dream of love, a dream of growth, a dream of peace.
Dreams of gold, dreams of beauty, faraway dreams, dreams for today.
Take my hand and follow me up the stairway of shimmering light;
Take my soul and lead me through the blackness of the night.
Walk beside me, catch me if I stumble.
Show me mountains to build or canyons to carve;
Paint me pictures of visions that I may make them live;
Show me wild rivers to tame, dark storms to put asunder.
Design for me a tower of white marble that rises to the heavens
And share my joy as I secure each stone in its place
And my sorrow as some stones fall and need be replaced.
My dearest love, let me give you a dream
For I have no dreams
Except to see you smile.

(note: I showed this to my dad, and he reacted very negatively
saying I should lead not follow, I am not sure I ever sent it to Kristy.