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1  History is so much conjecture from so little fact.
       20120109        Appearance and Reality        Internet Comment: Conjecture from Fact

2  Every thing has infinite names
    Every name refers to infinite things.

      Other versions: 20110417   20110726   20111102   20130412   20130823   20160524   20161007
      Appearance and Reality        Language

3  The scent of sage on the breath of a fresh desert rain
      19931000        Happiness
      I learned in January 1996 the scent was creosote rather than sage, so:

      The scent of creosote on a fresh desert rain
      Nah, just doesn't get it as well

4  Thank God I'm an atheist.
     20121207        Idea of God

5  ISTMRN (used in many journal entries)
    It Seems To Me Right Now

      20120105        Language       ISTMRN

6  I prefer life to its improvement.
      20130905        20120714        Acceptance Description        Betterment

7  I don't mind dust on the floor, but my scissors are sharp.
      20120713        Happiness        Acceptance

8  Wolf families that prey together stay together.
      20110216        Souls

9  In our zeal to deny the reality of death we deny the reality of life.
      20130202        20130130        Acceptance Description        Death

10  Veterans should be made more comfortable having fought our wars,
      but everyone should be made less comfortable having sent them.

      20141109        Email to Neil Steinberg: Quote for the Ages        War

11 Statins are the latest in a long series of snake-oil elixirs
      offered by medicine men throughout the ages.

       Medical Morality

12 Hope is faith in fate.
      20121216        Idea of "Other"

13 Love thy neighbor and thy neighbor will love thee.
     Fear thy neighbor and thy neighbor will fear thee.
     Hate thy neighbor and thy neighbor will hate thee.

     20121214        Morality

14 The whole world is crazy, except me and thee,
     and sometimes I wonder about thee.

     One of many witticisms I picked up from my mom, who got it from her mom

14a You can put a little water on a lot of waste
     Or a lot of water on a little of waste,
     But you can't put a lot of water on a lot of waste.

     Las Vegas Years  (fundamental argument in NRC license of Yucca Mountain)

15 Not Doing (Garfield by Jim Davis)
        20120104        20120207        Acceptance        Lao Tzu
16 Not Traveling (Garfield by Jim Davis)
        20120104        Acceptance
       As I was about to embark on a two-month, 16,000 mile road trip
          with Kim Greeman, a "bucket list" item for both of us

17 Community equals Slavery (Garfield by Jim Davis)
18 Be perfect (Garfield Jim Davis, Pearls before Swine Stephan Pastis)
       Compare Matthew 5:48 "Be ye therefore perfect".
          This is how to be perfect, lower your standards.

     Pearls before Swine

19 God deals with three M's: (Mortality, Morality, and Meaning)
     20111227        Idea of God

20 When we fight: we become a little bit more like our adversaries
     20130220        War

21 Knowledge can recognize ignorance but ignorance cannot recognize knowledge
     20100400        20120623        Appearance and Reality

22 I can't get rid of suffering until I die. So why suffer about dying?
     20141105        20130313        Acceptance

23 Optimists are ever disappointed;
     Pessimists are always pleasantly surprised.

     20150204        Human Nature

24 Jesus and Buddha laid bare our spiritual ignorance.
     Hume and Nietzsche laid bare our intellectual ignorance.
     Lao Tzu and Freud laid bare our emotional ignorance.

     20160530        Human Nature

25 The "oneness of it all" is just another of God's guises.
     20161011        Idea of God

26 Time is an arbitrary contraption of humans that confines the mind to ultimate finality.
     19700000        Idea of Time

27 The senses are so untrustworthy they paint a world of paradoxical contradictions.
     19700000        Senses

28 Everything is unique and everything is the same at the same time.
     19700620        Appearance and Reality        Essay on Kierkegaard

29 Tease drawings out of the paper with a feather touch.
     20050318        Art as Purpose

30 God provides an anchor for morality.
     God provides an anchor for meaning.
     Without God no morality nor meaning is obvious.

     20050711        Idea of God

31 What I believe is true because I believe it is true.
     20060620        Epistemology

32 God’s greatest joke is that “there is no meaning”.
     20060620        Appearance and Reality        Idea of God

33 We are innate to a large degree and have free will only to a small degree.
     20070614        Epistemology

34 Science doesn’t know truth but paints beautiful pictures of it.
     20100727        Epistemology

35 I know so much that I know I know so little.
     20101213        Epistemology

36 Politics is the art of using the morality of giving to say "gimme".
     20111108        Government

37 Politics is organized selfishness.
     20130313        Government

38 Mathematics minimizes ambiguity among minds.
     20111215        Language

39 It’s always easier to change what I want to what is,
     rather than change what is to what I want.

     20120110        Acceptance        Epictetus

40 Morality is a tool of people who want to tell other people what to do.
     20120304        Morality

41 Unstated premises often build towers of Babel among speakers of the same language.
     20130103        Language

42 History is the story of the present in the mind of the historian.
     20130130        20130117        Language

43 Dope make lethargy tolerable.
     20130127        Morality (marijuana)

44 The fist, gun, tank, jet bomber, atomic bomb are all "Do as I say, or else" devices.
     20130130        We Are Right (WAR)

45 Those who claim tolerance as one of their gods should take care not to be
     intolerant of those that don't worship at the tolerance altar.

     20130206        Morality

46 It seems many believe all tolerant people should be intolerant of intolerance.
     20130306        Morality        Humanism (Internet Link)
     (nod to Hans-Georg Gadamer, Hermeneutics in Truth and Method

47 Taoist saying "Wu Wie" is like the childhood saying "Whoo-Weee".
     20141214        20130305        20110226        Joie de Vivre

48 Invite none to your home but turn away none who knock.
     20130820        Acceptance

49 Science and math are but vain attempts to divine the future.
     20131109        Epistemology

50 Though an atheist, I often feel I am the only Christian in a room full of Christians.
     20150225        Souls

51 If you tell me you are god, I will remind you, you are human.
     If you tell me you are human, I will remind you, you are God.

     20150211        Human Nature        Idea of God

52 God is infinite, God is unknowable, God is confusing.
     20160514        Idea of God

53 Many curse God for death, rather than thanking her for life.
     20161221        Idea of God

54 God-bless and God-damn are the same thing;
     they both imply Zeus controls the fates.

     20180522        Idea of God        Souls-Self Description