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So Much Conjecture from so Little Fact
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Sigh, you are right Steve. AR asks "do you believe everything you're told". No. Not at all, do you? But I believe the skull fracture pattern is diagnostic of a skull entry from behind; and one bullet is consistent with the passage from Kennedy to Connolley (sp?). Are other scenarios possible? Yes of course, just not as likely. Cover up and intrigue in the higher circles of power?, of course, what's new about that? but, in this case mostly based on conjecture, as any statement about the past based on limited evidence in the present must be. I don't know what happened in Dallas that day long ago, and I doubt anyone commenting here does either. One of my favorite sayings is "So much conjecture from so little fact" which, as a geologist, I usually use to describe theories about the extinction of the dinosaurs. Meteorite impacts anyone?, JFK conspiracies anyone? For those who "know" where knowing is not possible - "Come one, come all; I've got just the elixir for whatever ails your body or your soul", the sirens of delusion ever sing.

Submitted as a reply to Steve Turner who submitted a comment on the news story, Secretary Kerry's bombshell on the JFK assassination at

Steve Turner: (November 24, 2013 at 9:48 pm) Well this story points out the fact that like most Americans, John Kerry is a gullible believer of the biggest lie in American history--the conspiracy theory behind the Kennedy assassination. There was no conspiracy, Oswald did it, alone. End of story, case closed.

AR: (November 27, 2013 at 11:35 am) Despite all the incongruities in the official story you truly believe it is open and shut? Did you always believe everything you were told?