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My letters, emails, and internet comments are included in this set of sources. There were too few letters (16) and internet comments (7) to separate them into separate categories. I lumped them with (44) emails retaining the "letters" label in HTML.

Discover Magazine: Species Triage Mary Lou Nunamaker: Near Death Experience American Scientist: Science Abandons "Race" Benefits of Climate Change
Discover Magazine: Obscene Age of Humans Michael Medved: Pensions Art Misrky: Thanks You Council on Islamic Relations
Discover Magazine: Control Humans Not Fish National Geographic: Zanesville Massacre Dad: Birthday Lisa Gershwin Letter on Climate
Jacob Sloccum: Human Rights Neil Steinberg: By Whose Authority? Dad: Mother's Death Pig-Human Genetic Experiment
Jakob Zeman: ALARA and LNTDRM Neil Steinberg: Quote for the Ages Jessie Jackson: Jesus Morality (not sent) Shadows in Plato's Cave
Jeannie: Thought Process (my sister) Noam Chomsky: Human Decency Jessie Jackson Jr: Time to Quit? Much Conjecture from Little Fact
John Fountain: Racism Rex Tillerson: Benefits of Climate Change Ken Carter: Generations Passing
Kim Greeman: Sexism, etc. Robert Bellah: Human-Centered Universe Louis Farrahkan: Lead the Way to Less (not sent)
Mark Wilkerson: Intial Request Steve Huntley: "Gimme" Philosophy Dad and Mom: Generations Passing
Mark Wilkerson: NGRAMS Sun Times: Ridiculous Belieft Neil Steinberg: Sanctity of Marriage
Mark Wilkerson: Animal's Souls Sun Times: Free On-line Archives Neil Steinberg: Perfection and Copernicus
Mark Wilkerson: Souls Sun Times: Quit Whining Anita American Scientist
Mark Wilkerson: Kill the Killers Sun Times: Teachers' Pensions Neil Steinberg: Measure for Measure
Mark Wilkerson: Science Process Sun Times: TV's Influence Pope Francis: My Leige (not sent)
Mark Wilkerson: Cave of Forgetten Dreams Sun Times: Benefits of Climate Change Reese: Biography
Mark Wilkerson: Tertiary Temperature Graphs Sun Times: Pensions as Rights Roger Ebert: Various Musings
Mark Wilkerson: Appearance and Reality Sun Times: Marijuana Legalization Steve Newcomb: Law of Christiandom
Mark Wilkerson: Literature Sun Times: Random Selection of Lawmakers
Mark Wilkerson: Procedures

Sun Times: Tyrannical Moralism