Letter to Steve Newcomb
Law of Christiandom
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20160828                                Morality

Steven Newcomb
Director, Indigenous Law Institute
PO Box 188
Alpine, CA 91903


I just read your article, The Dakota Access Pipeline and ‘the Law of Christendom’ at Indian Country Today (Archives)

I must say, I agree. But, as you probably know, it is not just the “Indians” who we morally dominate; it is everybody and anybody else in the world who does not share our Roman Christian values filtered through the Reformation and the Enlightenment. Our bombing Syria is just the same “mere occupancy” and “incomplete perfection” as is the pipeline and the history of “our” interactions with the “Indians” (never mind most have never been to India). We even make “enemies” of the Russians, those “immoral” Byzantines.

Thank you for your perspective on our “heathen” values, at least by some accountings, all while preaching “equality”; by which we mean “agreement” with our Christian (oops, I meant “secular”) values of democracy, freedom, and human rights (as we see them of course). I am a contrarian by nature, so see much merit in your “contrarian” position, though it may not seem so contrary to us. Thanks again.

Scott Sinnock
205 West Todd Ave. Apt. 201
Woodstock, IL 60098

P.S. I got your address from the Indigenous Law Institute’s web site.