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posted on the website of the Council on Islamic Relations - Chicago Office,

November 15, 2012
Name: Scott Sinnock
Subject: Pam Geller ad "Support Israel, Defeat Jihad"

Message: Your organization has properly called this ad racist, as it is, as well as wrong, hateful, and violent, in a word, "savage". (Now its even got me name-calling, as do do many many other such things in our western European "Enlightenment" world of "compassion" but don't gloat, such things are common in the Muslim world too, hate is everywhere). Anyway, imagine for a moment if the punch lines were reversed "Support Jihad - Defeat Israel". Just listen to the howls of the self-contradictory moralists fighting the good fight for America and God. I suspect the author and anyone who contributed encouragement or money to the ad might even be charged with terrorism and all the violations of civil rights that entails. Do any of you jihadists (and I mean it in a good sense, where jihad is action in support of the good, at least as you see Allah sees it) have the courage to run such an ad, just to test the reaction? Of course publish your intent secretly, perhaps even publically, beforehand. Just a wild idea. By the way, I am a white, anglo-saxon male, raised Christian, now Taoist, if anything.

Second Message, same name, email, and subject lines
Message: This is my second message today on the same ad by Pam Gellar. I learned of the ad from the Chicago Sun Times, Nov. 15, page 18 where the headline proclaimed in large bold font, "Muslim group calls bus ad 'racist'", their quotes on "racist", as if perhaps to imply it is really Muslims perhaps who are racist. I don't know why "racist" was in quotes, that's just one possibility of many, so its probably wrong. Anyway, whatever the reason, the question "Why the quotes?" remains. But that is just a side point. The last short paragraph (actually just a short sentence) of a long (for the Sun Times) article reads: "The Chicago-based Jewish Council on Urban Affairs also has launched a campaign on Facebook and Tumblr against the ads"
So why not a bold, headline that reads: "Muslim and Jewish groups call bus ads 'racist'"

I'll even let them keep their quotes. I send this as more fodder for your cannons as you try to fight the deep, deep-seated hatred that runs through this country and most of Christian Europe. Muslims are one current recipient of this hatred, which I think in a sense continues the hatred of the 1600's inquisition and the 1100's crusades. The "Church's" dictates of right and wrong have just been replaced by "the people's", by chants of "human-rights, democracy, freedom, and even tolerance" while living none of them. The hatred persists, the target(s) change. I just hope your acceptance of the word "fight" above doesn't imply hatred of your own. If not, good luck, the hatred is deep.               Scott