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Pig-Human Genetic Experiment
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20121115                Morality

Pasted from, (no longer active). The site (also no longer active) posted this photo and an accompanying "story" indicating it was a photo of a living genetic experiment on April 1, 2008, apparently as an April fools joke. Starting on February 25, 2010, nearly two years later, a series of 474 comments (as of today, 11/15/12) have been posted mostly from "Christians" claiming this is an abomination, others saying it is joke, so "lighten up", and others saying is proves the ignorance of Christians who would be so gullible to fall for this joke. Comment posted on an internet comment group after 450 comments about the following picture debating whether the picture is real, faked, possible, moral if possible or if not, etc. I couldn’t' resist posting the following:

Wow, such a long repeat of the same discussion over and over and over, not to be redundant here. I recommend Cerbians comment on June 10, 2010 above. My only added comment is that each side (of this and every “dialog”) claims truth, and since the other side can’t see the truth they must be stupid. We don’t know, you know. I seriously doubt some moralistic god is cringing over this photo/sculpture, but could be. No human is stupid, well not most; they just think differently. Many seem to be threatened with thoughts that don’t agree with theirs; of course the reaction to perceived threat is attack for self/family/nation/Chicago Bears fans protection. We seem to do that to each other very very very well, all in the name of making the world a better place for all, well, at least all moral upstanding people, like those that believe in democracy, freedom, and women’s rights, as opposed to those evil Taliban who shoot women for their husband’s adultery. There ARE limits to tolerance, of course. Yes of course, I just don’t feel qualified to make them for anyone else but me. Others, it seems, have no problem with that. Who am I to say I am not, therefore, the fool.

Human-Pig hybrid