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Sexism etc.
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To: theodore greeman
From: Scott Sinnock 1:02a,, September 19, 2013
Subject: Re: OOPS

It was good to talk with you today.

Here is the Big Thompson pic I mentioned and several others just to suggest what I have been so diligently working on these past 10 weeks now. I finally got through all my pics right up to my trip up US 41 to Chicago on July 4th. So for a trip of seven weeks, it took me ten to go through the pics. I still have to figure out what to do with them all, but ..... well..... here are a few examples. The text can be removed but not the cropping. Several of the attached are yours, the grazing antelope and the "Electricity" ones for sure, and others with "(K)" at the end of the file name. I added text or graphics to only a few of the 2000 I retained, including most of the attached. Your view out the right window will add some and replace more I am sure for the post June 18 batch which I am eager to pick up. Sorry about the long download time, 'cuz I am sending multi megapixel images. The elongated Big Thompson pic blows up under zoom to show the almost identical cabin tumbling into the river.

Human Rigths (Gender)                Human Rights (Equality)
We forget nature at our peril, I suspect, but we do everything we can to cast her away (oops sorry that's a sexist comment, and sexism trumps even translation of Christ's own words it seems). I mentioned I am reading newly (1947) discovered texts containing sayings of Jesus recorded sometime shortly after his death, but the translator felt it necessary to replace sexist gender-based wording with more neutral - all are created equal - wording, as he said, "more fitting for today's understanding", so the "Son of Man", the literal translation of the actual gender-based original text is changed to "Child of Humanity", God the "Father" is changed to God the Supreme, and all "sons" have been changed to "children". As he points out, Jesus was no sexist, no good person is a sexist, and masculine language is sexist, so we KNOW Jesus didn't really mean what the words say so to help you better understand the actual intent of Jesus as our enlightened age can now discern, the author made the above and oth er, de-sexist-ing changes. Strange, very strange.

Idea of God
We even tell Jesus what to say, let alone some silly little inanimate, soulless, godless river like the Big Thompson. I don't subscribe at all the Christian notion of salvation by faith, but I think Jesus had some interesting things to say, some of the red words, those from the so-called Q document that supposedly preceded both Matthew and Luke which contain identical and nearly identical wording of many "wise sayings" as they have been called. The "new" gospels I am reading contain such wise sayings and repeat many found in the canonized Gospels, especially Matthew, Luke, and Mark.

I think the "wise sayings" are similar to those of many other ancient sages, and they may have been added to the tales of a folk healer who was gaining a cult-like following or perhaps stemmed from the same person. So even the "red" words tell different stories. However, most people think he said the far more abundant, righteously insistent, and blatantly self-contradictory black words. I find similarity in the "wise words" with some of the eastern mystics, Roman stoics, and a few ancient Greeks like Epicurus, the first scientist.

But even if I don't find wisdom there, in Jesus, I find great interest, because our culture is intimately tied to Christianity - my world view, yours, and every American's who has European ancestors, which is most of us. We rebuild in flood plains in part because of this Christian tradition, actually in this case our pre-Christian Jewish tradition.  The Greeks, especially the culmination in Plato's "cave of shadows" were the other major influence at the gelling of our beliefs, plus, of course, the Persians and their great teacher, Zoroaster, who taught us about the battle between good and evil, heaven and hell. Thank you Persia, we have really used that one to make people miserable, which God wants us all to be; shameful, despicable, sinful creatures we are before God's glorious perfection..... blah, blah, blah.

Sorry, I get carried away sometimes .... so, anyway that tradition, right there at the very beginning, Genesis Chapter 1, page 1,

"and God said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, and over every other living thing that moveth upon the earth"

and BOY OH BOY did we ever; are we, and will we; coal trains, monoculture, mass extinction, Lindsay Lohan, and 16,000 mile trips through the devastation. But of course that instruction came before God got pissed and kicked us out of the garden. At the time we had yet to eat of the forbidden fruit of knowledge, so maybe the instruction is null and void. Maybe now that we "know" (and most theories say the forbidden knowledge is about good and evil) we are no longer fit for dominion. I can and like to argue with the best of scholastics about how many angels can sit on the head of a pin. But as any good medieval scholastic before we argue about the number, we must first decide what we mean by "pin" and "angel" and "sit" and "can" and "on" and "many" and ..................... and the discussion continues to this day.

Oh, almost forgot ...... again. The picture of the Wabash ripples is wonderful, thank you. They are quite distinctive and obvious. What caused the flood or was it just normal summer ice-melt for perhaps a large above or below-ice drainage basin behind (north and east of) the retreating ice front? Maybe before the Kankakee captured the headwaters.