Email to Mark Wilkerson
Initial Request
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To: "Wilkerson, Mark FCLDA"
From: Scott Sinnock 12:08am, August 23, 2012
Subject: Re: FW: Mark Wilkerson


I was luckier. I got to say goodbye to Art, well, Dr. Mirsky to me. I had not seen him since I graduated from IUPUI, then he died a couple of weeks later. I went to the departmental cookout held in his honor, based on a flyer I received. I wanted to thank him. I wrote this note for him, which he read in private, at  my request, and smiled. Letter to Art Mirsky

Maybe that note is the first. If you read on, the following is an email I wrote some time ago but haven't had the temerity to send yet, but do now with some hesitancy.

Mark, Please excuse my arrogance and impertinence but I have a favor to ask. I have a whole bunch of stuff;  pages of my free-flowing thoughts, recorded in handwritten "notes" since undergraduate days and recently more systematically journaled . I would like your opinion if jewels or crap, or worse, something in between. My professional side learned the value of review. So with your permission, I propose sending you a transcribed page or two now and then. I'm pretty lazy and I haven't yet picked up the habit of transcribing my written babbles to digital format. I guess I am asking you if it's worth the effort. What to do with the stuff after that depends on whether it's worth transcribing, Transcription entails lots of editing and cleanup which I am not wont to do often, though my "plans" call for it to be typed eventually anyway. So, with your permission, I may send something now and then. If I find encouragement I may transcribe more, if not, I guess I'll just keep journaling until I don't. What I wi ll send are short free-flowing babblings, constrained by the acts of penning thoughts to paper by an old, god-loving geologist and philosopher, among many others. So they are just the unorganized thoughts of an everyman (maybe women too, but perhaps not). "Old" - everyone is old, older than birth but younger than death; "god-loving" some say they are but most, it seems say they are "god-fearing" and it is perhaps here that I may speak to some in new or poetic ways; "geologist" provides a great perspective especially about deep time but then everyone has an avocation if nothing more than a child's begging for food and attention; "philosopher" - I haven't met anyone yet who is not. So with your permission you may occasionally find in your mail a "slice of truth" from the mind and heart of an everyman. None until so. But if so, I would further ask you hold your initial response until you have seen a couple or so to get a feel for the breadth.

Quid Pro Quo (or the Golden Rule) rules, so if you think of anything you would like in recompense, please ask.