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All 595 journal entries are coded "yyyymmdd" for sorting by date, reversing the way we date checks "dd/mm/yy". Entries are also coded by source document:
  • (bsn)    Ball State Notebook contains many love poems written while an undergraduate at IUPUI
  • (ll)        Loose Leaf, old and current items saved in plastic slip sheets in a 4 inch 3-ring notebook
  • (ON)    Entries in digital format: (Microsoft One Note, Word, and Excel or Adobe PDF)
  • (J)        Journals: 5 journal books; I started journalling as part of my prison for sex crimes at CCC
  • (CCC) Community Correction Center, Ohio prison for short-term (6 mo.) sentences of drunk anger
                problems and sex offenders.

                                                                                        Number of Entries
                                                                     1960's                     16
                                                                     1970's                     36
                                                                     1980's                       2
                                                                     1990's                     12
                                                                     2000's                     60
                                                                     2010                       69
                                                                     2011                       70
                                                                     2012                     135
                                                                     2013                     113
                                                                     2014                       21
                                                                     2015                       23
                                                                     2016                       25
                                                                     2016+                     13
                                                                                    Total      595

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I have kept up journalling sporadically through the years collecting loose-leafs, notebooks, and finally journal books. My first journal book entries were a prison rehabilition assignment at Community Correction Center (CCC) near Lebanon OH where I was sentenced to 6 month rehab for "importuning", a sex crime. I continued journalling with bursts of entries in 2012 and 2013. Then I noticed most entries expressed the same or similar ideas as earlier entries. So I basically stopped journalling in 2014 and started compiling my work on web sites including this web page. So far I have posted genealogical work. After moving to Palisade CO right in the heart of my thesis area, I updated earlier work and extended it include all the Colorado Rockies.

Journal entries are often short, free-flowing babblings, constrained only by acts of penning thoughts to paper. These ideas (and this database) are just the unorganized thoughts of an everyman. I recommend Poems and Aphorisms as better summaries of my "truths" (i.e. conjectures). Journal entries contain gems of wisdom also and are linked to poems and aphorisms on the days written. The journal entries are from the mind of an old, god-loving, atheist, geologist, philosopher among others.
  • "old"                 - everyone is old, older than birth, younger than death;
                                 I was 75 years-old this month.
  • "god-loving"     - some say they are but most, it seems most are "god-fearing";
                                 Perhaps here I may speak to some in new or poetic ways.
  • "atheist"           - "thank God I'm an atheist" to quote my Facebook profile;
                                 I prefer random chance, I worship the fates.
  • "geologist"        - provides a great perspective on things of the earth like deep time and life;
                                 Everyone has expert knowledge, even dogs and children begging for food or attention.
  • "philosopher"  - I haven't met anyone yet who isn't a philosopher;
                                 Children are some of the best (and the best liars too, perhaps correlated).
I think the ancient Greeks got it right with Chronos and Ananke. Time and Necessity or 'cause and effect' are still the fundemental way we see the world. So for your exploration and my vanity you may find every now and then in these journal entries a little "slice of truth" from the mind and heart of an everyman. I recommend using the links to jump from idea to idea, sage to source, concepts linked to sources, and not the least concept descriptions.