Journal: Decade of the 1990's
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(written sometime during this decade) Jobs

Very few journal entries for the decade of the 90's, still busy with career and family.

Cats: Cats manipulate me by establishing rules of an order of conduct whereby I respect their wishes and they mine. When inevitable conflicts arise my rubs dictate, but freedom in flight is always possible, but not flight in fear, flight in pursuit of glory.

Glory of God? Then what is God so I can know him as I can know you as a cat. A personal experience, some say, is the convincing moment in their lives (Proof of Heaven). Each day is a personal experience to sing glory to the gods. Each day is conscious life, a rare gift indeed from all appearance of the rest of the universe.

But the cats, the cats are always there. They too are conscience and conscious minds. But not conscious to the degree of our sophistication in language and abstraction, such as this piece of paper, or my watch, or the words made of graphite on this paper both, their physical character and conveyance of thought behind them; memory of things small or short in time as well as memory of fantasies and imaginings.

So perhaps glory in God who offers eternal _________________ (fill in the blank, chose one or more, all are correct). But eternal something, mind, body, soul or all three, this eternal something of us, of me as an individual appeals so strongly. The eternal of becoming fertilizer somehow leave an unfulfilled wish for an eternal me.