written sometime in the 1990's (ll)
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Only another voice that echoes its antithesis.
Yet another inverted echo from the compassionless chasm.
Yes, but only as an object of its purpose.

Jobs for what?
No answer.

At one time jobs eliminate burdensome of jobs.
Now, they have done it, the objective is forgotten.
Now it is spoken that jobs are dignity.

I write words in my job that do no more
Than call for other jobs to write more
To call for ever more jobs.

Meetings are to deafen our ears
To the cry that the dignity, justice, democracy,
Compassion and all that is good, is possible
If only we would cease our incessant jobbing
For the short instant needed to listen to
The cacophonic rhythm muting the melodic voices.

When rhythm stops melody will be heard.
But until that time I will buy my food
My shelter, and my love
With more empty words.