I Want To Give You A Dream
written sometime in 1969 for Kristy (bsn)
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1969 (unknown date)               Compassion

I Want to Give You a Dream
My dear love, I want to give you a dream;
     A dream of love, a dream of growth, a dream of peace;
     Dreams of gold, dreams of beauty;
     Far away dreams, dreams for today.

Show me mountains to build or canyons to carve;
     Wild rivers to tame, dark storms to put asunder
     Paint me pictures of visions that I may make live.
     Design a town of pure marble that rises to heaven;

Share my joy as I secure each polished stone in its place,
     As my sorrow as some fall and break.

Take my hand and follow me up a stairway of light;
     Take my soul and lead me through the blackness of night.
     Walk beside me and catch me if I stumble.

For I have no dreams
     Except to see you smile.

I wrote this for Kristie Scott, a lover from Davidson, North Carolina, after traveling from Indianapolis to North Carolina almost monthly to see her for a year. I showed a version to my father after I sent it and he admonished me to not be weak with woman but take charge. I stormed out of the room in pain, expecting him to say how sensitive my poem was.