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Journal: April 2001
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Human Nature                         Self                         Thought Process

After my non-voluntary hospitalization for depression in the fall of 2000, I attended day hospital in McHenry, Illinois for more than a year. I drove to McHenry every week day from Cary 15 miles away, mostly taking paved back roads. Day-hospital was where I learned I could draw free hand. All the patients and staff sat in a circle and took turns speaking, "telling" how they felt that day. My mind often drifted after hearing the same things for more than a year. In one of those drifts I sketched cross-legged person across the room in about 5 minutes. It was pretty good, enough to convince me I knew how to draw "free=hand". I already knew I could draw with triangles and rulers.

DataFacts[can be learned, memorized]
InformationKnowledge[relationships among facts]
UnderstandingSystematic Framework[must be “self-learned]

Some sayings heard in day hospital

Like trying to pull hen’s teeth
Two nickels short of a dime
Two quarks short of a dyne
Grab the brass ring (from Coney Island)
Turn on a dime
A whole nother (for “another”)
Get by by the skin of our teeth
Can’t squeeze blood from a turnip
Only a hair’s breadth away