20130101 (J)
Journal: January 1, 2013
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Happy New Year: I told my brother in Georgia today, “It just keeps getting better for me, and I hope for you and I think so”, but I sensed a shying away, perhaps unrelated.

Samsãra Allegory: An enlightened buddha approached St. Peter at the gates. Asked St. Peter, “Any regrets”. “No” said the buddha. “You may pass”. As the buddha stepped into Nirvana he heard again faintly “Any regrets”. Then fading away “No ….. well, actually yes. If I had it to do over again I would not have hit my younger brother so hard in 3rd grade, I would be more loving and help others more and better serve God’s purpose on Earth. Please let me pass because I as all humans am a sinner and God’s grace through Christ forgives all sin. I now know afterlife of heaven is true, if I had only known before I would have done better, but I am only human” St. Peter said, “OK, you get your wish, go try again.”
And samsãra rolls on.

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