20100400 (J)
Journal: April, 2010
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Nearly Three Years Later no journal entries since June 28, 2007. I spent most of my spare time (a lot since retirement) developing the Sinnocks and Kin and Sinnocks, Royals, Vikings, Romans and Gods databases, both posted at Ancesry.com. Each of the following entries for April was labeled Spring in the hand-written journal.

2010.04.04: Easter. I threw away a couple of puzzle books my sister gave me over the last few Xmas's. She seems to think I like mental puzzles,
                    and perhaps I did at one time; but now I find life itself puzzle enough to keep my mind busy when I want a puzzle to solve.
2010.04.05: Spring: buds have burst on a few of the trees, mostly maples, daffodils are well along.
2010.04.09: Maple leaves still opening, other trees budding out, starlings return to their nest across the street.
2010.04.10: Forsythias in bloom yesterday, rabbit looking good (well fed) hopped across the yard today. Strange that it looked fat after a long,
                    snow-covered, hard winter for all critters great and small, including us.
2010.04.12: Maples unfurling, other trees starting to get swollen buds. My gout acted up yesterday, attacking my left foot, but today it’s almost gone.
2010.04.13: Buds bursting out all over. Aphorism 21: “Ignorance can’t recognize knowledge;
                                                                                        But knowledge can recognize ignorance,”
                                                                                        Whether in one’s self or in another.
2010.04.15: The maples are about half unfurled; the rest of the trees are showing swollen buds to furled leaves. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t
                    “care” about the environment, it’s just that different people care about different parts of it for whales to Oprah to small pox to me.
2010.04.17: The green grass is peppered with bright blue flowers. I don’t know their name, but I think they are considered a weed to be gotten rid of. Sad!
                    Later the dandelions popped up in the grass and the flowering crabs are about to burst. All trees fully leafed out.
                    This is the day the “upper half” of the trees come alive.
2010.04.18: Still leafing but it’s beginning to look half like summer, half like winter. The small leaves are beginning to obsure the view, but not quite yet.
                    The leaves when fully out will finally once again block the neighbors porch light which in the winter casts a light on my bedroom wall.
2010.04.20: The starlings are back on their nest in the gutter of the house across the street, and the squirrels are in their nest too, atop the telephone pole
                    outside my window on the world. Flowering crabs are starting to bloom. View is nearly blocked by tiny leaves.
2010.04.23: My gout acted up again yesterday and today. Yesterday at the grocery store I pinpoint the step on which the pain ended (slight though it was)
                    It came back later today. The flowering trees are a good show now and the maple pollen covers the street beneath the trees in a light green fuzz.
2010.04.24: Daffodils are mostly gone, but tulips are beginning their bloom.
2010.04.25: Leave on maples are fully ou, on most other trees still unfurling and growing, but view is totally blocked now.
                    I have a pill-taking injury from my repetitive pill taking syndrome. A callous on my palm where my little finger nail presses as I add
                    first one then another to the growing palm full of pills (eleven at last count) requiring firmer pressing to hold the various sized tablets.