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Sixteen data analyses in five categories are included here.
  • Four detailed analyses of Jesus Words were all developed in Microsoft Excel (available for download on the Sermon on the Mount link. All related linked figures are JPG files derived from the Excel file.
  • The link to ISTMRN lists all links to journal entries using the ubiquitous anagram for "It Seems To Me Right Now", which is all it can ever be.
  • The presentation is an HTML version of the presentation I gave at the Sigma Xi conference in Madison Wisconsin, November 16, 2019> Perhaps it is included to redeem my terrible presentation. I tried to cram a half hour presention into 10 minutes, and failed miserably, leaving out explanations and segues.
  • Six calcuations were perfomed on topics in the list.
  • Four internet graphs were collected for special items of interest.
        Four detailed analyses of Jesus words
                  Decent of Jesus
                  Red Words of Jesus
                  Sermon on The Mount
                  The Lords Prayer

        List of links to ISTMRN
                  Links to ISTMRN

        A presentation
                  Human Carrying Capacity of Earth

        Six calculations
                  Calcium Solubility
                  Calories per Capita
                  Life Expectancy by Age Cohorts
                  Military Expenses
                  Oil and Gas vrs GDP
                  Typical Daily Energy Use

        Four internet graphs
                  Dow Jones Idustrail Average (DJIA)
                  Social Security
                  Tertiary Temperatures