Journal: January 13, 2011
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Human Rights                           Soul

Me and Not Me: It seems the world can be divided into two classes: “me” and “not me”; and the “not me” world can be divided into “like me” and “not like me” and from there we get races, Bear’s fans, Republicans, Democrats, and atoms. Most classes tend to have fuzzy boundaries.

Are fingernails, hair, and tooth enamel part of “me’? I mostly think not; they don't feel pain. Are blacks part of “me”? They feel pain. No, Like me? Maybe, depends on the criteria. If so, then it is not a distinguishing class characteristic and “we are all human”; if not, then a boundary seems to be based on skin color related to haplogroups, yet everyone’s skin color is different than mine. Like I said, the boundaries are fuzzy.