Letter to Ken Carter (my father-in-law)
Generations Passing
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20121215                Death (Generations Passing)

December 15, 2012


I received your card today. Thank you. I am always touched by your remembrances. I too have many good memories from times with you and your family. Many Christmas's, some Thanksgivings and Easters, and lots of summer days were spent pleasantly together with you and Susie. One summer's time I remember was a silver lining from your cloud of phlebitis, national RC meet and all. You were, and are, a good "Dad" to me, a true gentle person, a gentleman, a person to emulate. Thank you. What a life you have had, what learning, what experiences, what love, what deep beliefs. If only it could be captured in a bottle. But it has in a way. The bottles are Heather and Sean, and Sarah, and Jessica, and Katy, and Stephen, and Don, and the girl who ate lunch with us, (I forget her name and must update my database). They all, as well as me, and many others now carry part of your bottle with them. I think the parts we all carry are good, though I can only speak for myself and pass along Susie's similar thoughts expresse d often to me. Thank you again. Your time approaches more quickly than mine, probably, though I believe you will have no trouble in what will be very short negotiations with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

Your "son", Scott