Letter to Mom and Dad
Generations Passing
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19911225                                Death (Generations Passing)

Thanks for everything, especially the thoughts, ideas, and feelings you have given to all those you have interacted with over the years. You both left your positive marks across a broad spectrum of this country, and you Dad throughout the world. It is these marks, so deeply seated in my life, that are the greatest gifts you have given. So thanks for the "things", but mostly, thanks for the wonderful telescopes and microscopes you have given me that allow expansive and focused views of the world. I hope I have learned the optical crafts well enough to pass along to those I touch some measure of the quality of the tools you have given me. I am a very lucky man: I have a wonderful family, I live in a wonderful country, and I live in a wonderful time of history. I love you both.
                Hand-delivered letter to Mom and Dad, Christmas 1991