Childhood Wonder
written sometime in 1970 (ll)
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19700000                    Science

Childhood Wonder
Why are the hills and valleys where they are?
The rain falls from the sky, loosening the rocks into dust,
Then gathers into streams that carry the hills away,
Leaving the emptiness of the valley
As a reminder of their presence.

Why do the streams carry the material away?
The laws of Newton dictate that water shall flow downhill
And carry with it all in its path.

Why does water flow downhill?

Why Gravity?
I don’t know.

Why are the hills and valleys where they are?
I don’t know.

For all the knowledge we have accumulated over the generations,
  What have we gained?
    A head stuffed full of fragmented pieces of information
      To be fit together like a puzzle.
        When we finally finish the puzzle in a million years or so,
          We will have but what we started with
            Before we broke the whole into pieces
              To be put back together,

              Except the whole will bear the scars
              Of breaking it apart
      And gluing back together,