I Met Them One Day
written January 1970 (bsn)
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19700100                    Morality (marijuana)

I Met Them One Day
(revised as Canadian Hippies in July 1977)
I met them one day when I was alone
And needed a friend.
They didn’t ask my name or occupation,
Only what they could do
To make my life better.
After a few minutes I could see in their eyes
The beauty that comes from loving,
From searching.

We talked about many ideas,
Many people,
Many hopes.
Some of them weren’t ready yet
To run after their hopes;
Some were.

And together we shared new ways
To find truth and happiness.
They were all beautiful people, who
Though often disappointed by life,
Were willing to offer a hand
Or a word of encouragement
To anyone who needed it.

They never brought harm upon anybody,
Nor did they try to force their ideas on another,
But willingly offered help or ideas
To those who needed them.

They did not say “We are right”
Or “you are wrong”
But pleasing asked to be able to pursue happiness
In their own way;
Realizing that their pursuits must not
Interfere with anyone else’s chosen way.

Many threw threats and damnations at them,
But they responded with a smile
And a wish that the hate would end.

Sometimes they retreated for a brief reprieve
Into the soft world of dreams,
But that didn’t hurt anyone and
It gave them courage to face the next day.

Oh yes, they had fears
As other people have fears.
But they feared failure in their trusting of other people,
Having faith that if they were kind
And gentle
They would not be harmed.

They could laugh with people,
But never at them.
They loved life.
They were beautiful.

Last night they were busted.
Today they are branded as criminals.
A cloud has covered their shining faces
And doubt has intruded their belief
In the goodness of the world.

God pity you poor misled bigots.
Why do you seek to destroy everything
That proves life is beautiful?

How can you label as wrong
That which is so warm, so living
And so loving
As the beautiful friends of everyone?

Must you use your self-appointed power
To punish anyone and anything
That challenges your miserable perspective
On a life you see as evil and bad?

“And Adam ate the apple and sinned”
Well, fuck you, I didn’t like that kind of apple anyway.
But if you must castigate yourselves
To a prison of guilt,
I beg you allow my friends (and me)
To be beautiful because you can’t put us (them)
All in your prisons.
I have never wanted to try and destroy you,
Or what you stand for,
But my faith in your human goodness
Was seriously damaged last night.

I have a match in my hand.
Don’t make me light it.
Because if I do, I will burn down your world
And mine.