For Sharon B
written July 1969
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19690700                    Desire

For Sharon
Through the haze of days from long ago,
The highs and lows of searching souls

Stare out from shadows draped about
The hopes that hold our badge of honor

Yet worn on soiled uniforms of dissent
And weathered valor.

Shall we ever again feel the sort of comfort
Of a loving touch upon our naked skins?

Shall we know again the joy of naive purpose
Carried forward on shoulders of unmet yearnings?

Shall we again taste the ambrosia of our vision
Of an Olympus populated with loving and just gods?

Can we rip away those dark shadows
And ride our hopes once again?

But guided now by knowledge of our struggles?
Can we rid ourselves of sophistication

Contained in our well-rehearsed “Perhaps”
To all things good and bad?