Poems I and II
sometime in 1969
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Poems I and II
(written during or just after my first hospitilization for "mental" issues)

                 POEM I
The double image of eternity
Make number nine reverberate
In the echo chamber of my mind.
The small cat appears as a giant
In a world of gigantic atoms
Spread on a plane of infinitesibly
Small entities.

Time speeds through a confusion
Of molasses that rapidly
Passes my senses as slow
Black ink defuses in an
Ocean of syrup.

My pencil delicately smashes
My hand creating a force
Of immeasurable heaviness
Than smashes my soul.

My mind wanders on Good Nights
And drifts into clouds of
Immeasurable nothingness.

Reality eludes my sense perceptions
But holds my knowledge in a
Vice of actuality that is
Unbearably unreal.

Blue surrounds brown
And as brown we are but a dot
In the sea of ten billion dots.

Watch bands and French cuffs
Covering the hair that surrounds
My ugliness protect me
From glaring eyes that
Search for excuses to condemn.
                                                   POEM II
Times that tell nothing.

Cover the pages of knowledge
Upon which we base our
Conception of what we are in
A world where what we are
Has no meaning.

Reflections of what I think I see
Dominate my thoughts and color
My picture of what is really not.

A global electron in an orbit
That signifies nothing
In an infinitesibly small
Gargantuan realm of existence.

In the experience that I know
Whirling through infinity
Stagnated in motionlessness
Stripes and angles decorate
My body, covering whatever
I may be to the god of
Whatever I am.

War is a virtue in a world
Where war is a sin.

Fur provides warmth and I find
Myself without fur or love,
So I must face a cold world as a
Naked body, exposed to the
Heat of a freezing existence.

Double lights torturing my tortured
Mind of alcoholic intoxication,
So I write only what I think
And not what I know.

East is going west and
West is going east
Meeting in a tunnel of
Irreversible chaos that
Answers all questions that
Will never be asked.

God is dead and in death
He lives in the lives of all
Knowledgeable minds that
Know nothing.

My ashtray is full, so I think
I will trade my life in for
A new cigarette that will
Fill my empty ashtrays.

I think I will die so that
I can find out what I am
All about in this death
That I call life.

Mr. Scott Sinnock
New Castle, Indiana 47362
A world in a sphere
Of absolute nothingness.