Residents of the "Other" World
January 23, 2013
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Residents of the "Other" World
Here are a few residents of the “other” world,
The world of human imagination,
Unreachable by the senses,
Or their handmaiden, measurements.

God lives there and so does the Soul.
It is where men and women are equal.
It’s where the perfect day lives
And universal truth sits.

Pi (π) lives there too, as do c = πd
F = ma, logic, math, taxonomy, science.
Electrons and quarks live there too

Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Confucius,
All sages of the ages live there.

It’s the world of our minds,
The human imagination.

Thought beyond brain;
Seed of its own creation (DNA);
Totally imaginary.

Aside ... (speaking of imagination)

Electrons might be Olympian Gods
Quick, light,
Holding massive Titans (nucleons)
In Tartarus.

So little mass
Controls much more,
Two thousand times more.