The Desk
May 18, 2012 (J)
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20120518                   Souls

The Desk
A little more on the bird’s eyes.
Awareness, points of awareness
Floating in the stream of
The way of things;

Borrowing energy from the stream,
For a while,
Releasing the same after its use.
This, among other things,
Creates the awareness.

Each point creating
Its own unique universe,
All its own,
Like no other.
Born of genes and experience
Ever evolving, following the stream.

Creating a universe of creation,
All its own,
Like no other.
Its own scales,
Time and

Its own history.
Its own physical arrangement of atoms,

Its own experience of “red”
All its own,
Like no other.

Its own God
All its own,
Like no other.

Its own movements, thoughts, and emotions,
Its own and of others.
Its own concept of love
Morality, right, wrong, good, evil,
Fun, dangerous, trivial, important,
Travail and reward.

Its own prison,
Keeping itself prisoner,
Inside itself,
Unable to be shared,
Trapped forever
Inside the sphere of awareness,
Floating in the stream.