The Isness of the Is
March 1970 (ll)
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March 1970                               20120220                               Appearance and Reality                                Idea of "Other"                               Self                               Epistemology

What is Isness of the Is?
Where is the truth that eludes
My and all great minds?
I know only what is an illusion.
Because all I know is contradiction.

I find myself in a world that appears
As it is not.
I know I am
But know not what I am,
Or if I am one or part of One.

The unself seems to surround me
Separated from self by an un-erasable void,
But yet, self and unself are the same.
Sixty three parts hydrogen,
Thirty five part helium,
Two part neon;

All is made up of ninety two,
Including me.

So I am a part and not a separate entity
Independent of the Oneness of the Is.

What then is the void the encircles
What I know I am
And removes me from what Really Is?

If that is but an illusion,
Which it must be,
Then I am but an illusion
For I am only if I am apart
And different from all that is.

But if I create this illusion
From my senses and perceptions
I must be me as an independent entity
For that which is not
Cannot know even an illusion.

So the me of what I am
Cannot be the total of
My senses and perceptions
For these create illusion which
I can know.

I am not what I know I am.
I am part of that which I cannot know;
A part of, the same as, and as One with
All that Is.

I am tormented because
I want to know what the isness of the Is is.

I already know
But the illusions of my senses
Cloud my true knowledge
With false transitory knowledge.

I must continue searching for the Self
By rejecting myself as based on what I know

From what I have learned.