The Last Time I Saw Sharon
December 19, 1970
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19701219                         Desire

The Last Time I Saw Sharon
It seemed so unreal last night
A sort of hazy flow
Of yesterday’s dreams.
But it was more than that;
It was real.

I laughed again
Almost cried,
And threw my masks away;
That scares me.
I should have never come over.

But I was called by some strange feeling
That promised at least one happy night.
I wasn’t disappointed, nor was I satisfied.

We both stared at one another’s eyes,
Talked about your games with
Your womanhood,
Your affected disdain for femininity,
Your loneliness,
Your happiness,
Which is now rare,
Last night being an exception.

We touched, only briefly,
Our feet I believe,
Enough to say we aren’t afraid,
But not enough to mean it.

We let no gap occur in the conversation
In order to avoid being faced with the fact
We were both burning with desire
For each other’s bodies.

I shouldn’t come back to you tonight,
But I borrowed your paper,
Plus, I still love you,
So I will.