Euterpe, Come Ride With Me Again
April 11, 2013
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20130411               Joie de Vivre

Euterpe, Come Ride With Me Again
After long pause, I once again drift
     to your siren sounds.
You release my passions, my tears, my laughter,
     while soothing fears in forgetfulness.
You paint over all your sisters charms
     with mists of melody
     and rhythms of heart and breath.
You soar among clouds
     of color beyond color,
     tone beyond hearing.
You too live in the "other",
     beyond the senses,
     infusing me
     through my soul.
Welcome back, my fearsome Muse.
     Come ride with me a short while more.

Muse - Euterpe
Image from Google Search: Euterpe

Written as I listened to some of my collection of musical CDs in preparation for selecting only 20, per my suggestion, to take on a car trip with Kim Greeman beginning May 8, 2013, just about 1 month later. I had not listened to any music at home for years, so this song seemed appropriate. I cried as I heard many of the songs I had not heard for years, inuring myself so I could listen to them in the car and not cry, although I still did for some songs even then, several "listenings" later. Euterpe touches my soul as nothing else can.