Eulogy to Nature
written sometime in 1969 (bsn)
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Eulogy to Nature
I sat alone, the grass waving in the wind
     A gently moving carpet of green life.
The tree pressing against my back,
     A secure fortress against whatever evil might assail me.
The sky serenely covering my little world,
     A cotton specked azure window to eternity.
The crystalline creek cascading down a gentle slope,
     A symphony of untouchable beauty to sooth me.
The monolithic majesty of the mountain
     An immovable expression of power and challenge.
The wind,
     An invisible lord of tenderness.
The bird singing somewhere, its song drifting to my ears,
     An essay of pure love.
The butterfly dancing between branches above me,
     A ballet of quite gracefulness.
The flowers all around me,
     Sequins heralding beauty, love and peace.
The lake nestled in the valley at my feet,
     A turquoise gem excitedly shimmering in the breeze.
The man who invaded my heaven
     Dropping his empty cigarette package
     on the carpet of green life,
     Saying, “Find God, you unfortunate atheist,
     Or you shall never know beauty”.

He left so God and I could talk once more.