August 1970
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19700800                         Appearance and Reality                         Joie de Vivre                         Senses

posted as "Beauty in Nature" at HelloPoetry
This summer I saw mountains
Thrusting out of the sea,
And mountains mellowed with age,
Rounded and softer,
Quietly returning to the sea.

I saw massive redwoods, majestic, alive;
I marveled as I held the tiny seeds
From which they grew.

I stood in awe hundreds of feet
Beneath a blanket of bottom branches
On a Douglas fir

I wondered at the hands that could be so patient
As those that carved the living stone sculptures
In the rocks by the sea; the same hands that
Painted the rocks millions of years before.

I listened as mountain streams
Told of sources of life-giving waters.
I saw flowers to many to name
Running up and down grassy hillsides,
In and out of pine-scented forests,
Along rivers, through meadows,

But why am I telling you this?
Because I must prove that I am free,
That I can see love and beauty
All around me.

It seems the less free I feel
The less beauty I see
The louder I shout, “I am free”
And the more I scream, “I see beauty”

It’s all a game, you see,
I just follow the rules.