August 1970
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19700800                         Appearance and Reality                         Morality

A child I know somewhere in California,

She didn’t believe my promise,
Which was wise;
But she wanted to
She needed love.

Now it may be impossible
For her ever to find that love.
Within her is another child,
A child she will leave out there.
I wonder if she will call me
When she returns.

I don’t think I could love her
Even then,
Though I don’t know why not.

Except that being in her arms
Would remind me that I have sinned,
Not by breaking God’s laws
As revealed on WCTW radio,
But by failing to live by my own laws;

Hurting, knowingly, another person
Though sadistic deceit.
You know what scares me?

I am not crying.
I lost that ability long ago.