Silly Little Confused Kid
written sometime in 1969
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19690000                              Compassion

Silly Little Confused Kid
Probably for Janey Luckey or Sharon Harter, most likely Janey
(from the undated spiral-bound Ball State notebook, also an undated loose leaf copy).

"Silly little confused kid.
     Why do you weep in your heart
     While a smile graces your lips?

Your mask seldom falls
     You are rarely seen stripped of garments of fear
     That hide your naked loneliness.

You say you want to love
     But refuse to return love to love once found
     Or search for love not yet found.

You use the present to forget the past
     Instead of enjoying now,
     A foundation for future happiness, sorrow, bliss, fear, love.

Silly little confused kid.
     You want to love,
     You are searching.

But fear of a wrong decision
     Paralyzes that undefinable realm of your mind
     Known as emotion.

     You smile while counting the stars;
     You laugh running hand-in-hand along a lonely beach;
     You are dejected when the world doesn't smile with you;
     You cry.

But your true emotions remain hidden
     Behind a wall of doubt,
     Fires burning beyond sight,
        But fires that scorch your soul and cloud your mind.

You cry out in agony,
     "Where and how do I find these fires?"
     But fear the answer you already know,
     Afraid they might burn
     Instead of warm your heart.

And burns are painful.