Sex with Sharon
written June, 1969 (bsn)
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19690600                    Desire                    Joie de Vivre                    Senses
Sex with Sharon
Feelings of colorful Karisma
Penetrating my existence
As Aphrodite invades my soul.
Rhythmic patterns emerge,
Slowly soothing amassing tension
Learning of velvet expressions
While the universe melts away
Only to focus its powers in my mind.
Surging urgency isolates perception
Upon a stairway of rising desire.
Emptiness is filled.
Loneliness fades.
Worry disappears.
Pleasure rules!

Take, give,
Give, take,

Enjoy a reprise upon a blissful plateau of love
Suspended in a churning cloud of pleasure
That slides across an empyrean sphere of desire.

We can’t leave.
But the call
To Empyrean fields of Saturn,
Union with God,
Cataclysmic beatitude
Drives passion upward

Where are we,
Who are you,
Who am I
Which is which
Fusion of beings
Liquid fire

Which demands a long ... gloriously ... soothing ...
Decent back to the world of satiation.
Unspoken words of love
Gently lower the weight of desire
Through kaleidoscopic dreams of heaven.