Strive On
June 30, 2012 (J)
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Strive On
Weren’t the trees good enough?
Or Pharaoh’s descent from the gods?
How about modern values of human rights?

Quoth the “duty bound”

Never, never.
We must strive,
Alway strive for better.
Strive for more safety,
Strive for more righteousness.
Strive for more compassion, honesty, and truth.

So to get with the beat:

Strive on ye sinners and rewards in the “beyond” with be yours.
Strive on ye scholars for God lies just beyond hidden in quark-gluon plasma.
Strive on ye lovers for your 'soul mate' is waiting out there somewhere.
Strive on ye mothers for things lurking in shadows can harm your children.
Strive on ye clowns for more laughter must be teased out
Strive on ye teachers for ignorance abounds.
Strive on ye warriors for many enemies need to be killed.
Strive on ye monks for difficult is the path.
Strive on ye bears for yours is to reach the next floe.
Strive on ye ants for harvests must brought in, likewise farmers.
Strive on ye rivers for there are many mountains to wash away.
Strive on ye stars for yours is the light.
Strive on ye priests for misery abounds
Strive on ye artists for people don’t see what they see.
Strive on ye thespians for someone might love even you.
Strive on ye masters for subordinates are aplenty.
Strive on ye subordinates but remember to bow to your masters.
Strive on ye slaves for freedom calls.
Strive on ye thieves for there is so much to be plucked
Strive on ye atheists for your time is rising.
Strive on ye merchants for there is much to trade.
Strive on ye queens for there are few to applaud and many to punish.
Strive on ye children for yours is to grow.
Strive on ye sages for the world is still not listening
Strive on ye all, for ours is to strive.