January 8, 1970 (bsn)
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19700108                         Joie de Vivre                         Idea of Time                         Senses

The long silver icicles dangling outside
My window are captured temporarily
By the frosted air.

Tomorrow they may melt and be gone,
Escaping the tangible world of perception
Flowing as water to some form or another,
Becoming lost in the rivers of many melted icicles.

But right now they can be, seen, felt,
And admired in their radiant beauty.
They bring me joy and a sense of gratitude.
I am awed by the silver-blue splendor
Inherent within them, and thankful
For the chance to appreciate
What I can perceive today.

They seem to represent time standing still
For a brief moment
So the wonder of life can be grasped
Before it slips away again
And it hidden in the clamor and confusion
Of ceaseless dynamism.

Maybe their beauty would wane
If they were permanent.
Maybe I would become inured and apathetic
And fail to appreciate them as now,
Being stunned into complacency by overexposure.

Realizing that tomorrow or the day after
The icicles will be gone,
I try to catch every sparkle and rainbow
That now shine within water’s crystalline form
In hopes that the beauty I sense now
Will carry through the inevitable tomorrows,
When beauty appears lost.

So excuse me if I seem somewhat
Wide-eyed and childish,
But I am only trying to catch
What I can today,
For tomorrow or the day after,
Love may also melt.