A Dream
November 3, 1969
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19691103                    Desire                    Appearance and Reality

A Dream
You know, I had a wonderful dream last night,
It wasn’t much.
All I can remember is watching you drive
Your little blue Volvo along
Some dusty road, somewhere.
You looked at me and smiled.
Your eyes saying “I love you”.
That’s all, but it woke me and made me smile.

By the way, I know where you were yesterday,
Well, at least where your car was.
I saw it in a parking lot and even went over
And looked inside to make sure it was yours.

I almost left a note, but I guess
I was afraid you might think I was silly.
Anyway, I couldn’t think of anything to say
Except “I love you”
And you know that already.

My daydreams figured out that you were
In the laboratory running some experiment
On conditioned control of human behavior.
I wanted to go to the lab and see you
But chose not to.
You know how shy I am.

Maybe someday my dream will come true,
And you will smile for me again.
I hope so; I was happy when I woke up
And hadn’t had the time
To realize it was only a dream.