I Love Machines
April 1973 (bsn)
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19730400                    Morality (machines as drugs)                    Senses

How I Love Machines!
Ah, yes! How I love machines!
They surround me, they envelope me,
They are me.
I desire them,
I crave them.
They fill my audio self with never ending profusion
Jets overhead,
Cars and trains
As Doppler variations, infinite in tone and rhythm.
I devour them; I consume them;
I take them deep.
They are my lights,
My sounds,
My odors,
My flavors,
My objects to feel.
My electric light drives away the darkness of the night.
I love with a passion immeasurable, this light.
My music floats to me over paths through electric machines.
My information engulfs me in
A machine created environment
Of infinite variation beyond my experiential potential.
My sound. What would I listen to with my sound?
My perfumes and scents delight my nose.
I love the machines that bless me with these fragrances.
Flavors from wide corners of the earth excite my taste.
And my touch, my wonderful touch,
The deepest of knowings.
I praise machines for weaving my clothes
Shaping my tools,
Making my chairs,
Smoothing my paths.
Bringing me my bed, my carpets, my woman.
Yes I need machines for my touch.
They devour me;
They engulf me;
They are me;
I am them.
And I love them.