December 20, 1969
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19691220                              Morality (television as a drug)
Final Paper for a TV class at IUPUI where the professor said the first day of class, "I am here to learn from you students"
one of the hip faculty in the late 60's. That ended my broadcast journalism attempt, I took Geology 101 the same semester
from Art Mirsky and never looked back on career thereafter.

I realize that this “paper” is a bit unorthodox, but then again to me this course has been rather unorthodox. I will admit I did no research for this assignment, but I don’t believe that personal impression need to be researched. If I attempted to put such reactionism in essay form, they would require substantiation, delineation, and destruction of their unaltered value. So I have set forth, in rather harsh, cynical terms, my impression of television. The source of these impression is my own experience as it is interpreted by my mind. I state no thesis, nor do I try to reach a conclusion. I present only my impressions as they are.
Television: the marvelous invention
That paints thoughts the color
Of mass stupidity;
A monument to the achievements
Of the noble race of humanity;
An instant viewing box
For all the suffering and pain
That the human brain can produce;
A toy for tape recorder minds
That makes “live and in color”
Pictures to decorate their thoughts.
With ideas to be faithfully played back.

Television: the marvelous invention
That squeezes individuality
Into a perfect cube of conformity.
See Johnny, see how Johnny laughs.
If you want to be “cool”
You can be like Johnny
And laugh at people
Like Johnny does.
And think like he does.
See the good guy, he loves Negroes,
You can be a good guy too,
But only if you too love Negroes.

Television: the marvelous invention
That drains the mind
Of creativity and self-development;
A ready supply of time consumption
For only the flick of a button;
A mesmerizing villain
That imprisons lazy minds
In an artificial world.
A witch’s mirror
That deludes ignorance
Into seeing beauty
Where only ugliness exists.

Television: the marvelous invention
That steals the spirit of humanity
And replaces it with a demand
To be entertained producing
A bored society, stagnated and fixated
At the level of childhood dreams.
A kaleidoscopic window of confusion
That obliterates the memory
Of a world where entertainment
Was an earned premium
To be enjoyed and appreciated.