Walker Street
written sometime in 1969 (bsn)
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1969 (unknown date)               Compassion                Morality (LSD, Sex)

Walker Street
San Francisco

Walker Street is where I spent
     A couple of days
     That reminded me of times

When all problems dissolved
     In a glass of water
     With a little green pill.

I was all alone then
     Except for my pills.

The bed was dirty
     But held the scent of
     Last night's pleasures.

That made me smile
     In reminiscence

And look longingly
     Toward another night.
     That night may pass my way.

One window's pane was cracked
     And let in the cold air
     Of the Bay to chill my toes.

I don't like the cold,
     So I ran away to find
     A place where I could be warm,
     And never be alone.

I'm still running.

I wonder if I will ever be warm,
     Or if Walker Street isn't so bad
     After all.