Wedding Vows
before December 21, 1973
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19731221               Appearance and Reality               Joie de Vivre

Wedding Vows
We are different
you and I.

We are on opposite poles of a sphere,
looking inward, seeing only each other
and our own reflections.

Our forces oppose,
but in their balance vibrates
the equilibrium of life itself,

And when we meet,
the universe unfolds for our understanding,
through God's most cherished of all harmonies.

Like the yes and the no,
the high and the low,

We are different.

Let us, then, not strive for equity,
but for resolution,
That our lives become ever fuller,
our thoughts ever clearer,
our feelings ever deeper,

Until death separates our experience.
Then the one's spirit be free to fly,
while the other's rests in lasting tranquility.

Come walk with me on the path of life

Man without woman does not exist;
Woman without man does not exist.
Like the river without the sea does not exist.
But intertwined in love
They flow to God,
As the river flows to the sea.

Will you,
Susan Lynn Carter,
daughter of Kenneth and Katrine,
Wed yourself to me?

(Susan's vows) (quote from Harold Robins' novel, "A Stone for Danny Fisher")

Then with God, may father above,
And Pomeroy Sinnock, my father within,
As witness
And the silence of those in attendance
As acquienscence
I pledge to you three things:
food, that you not die of starvation;
shelter, that you not die of exposure to the elements;
and love and attention that your soul not wither and die

I offer you this ring as a token of my pledge

(I put the ring on her finger)

And with this kiss I call upon all the powers that be
To grant you, your wishes and desires that are beyond
my power to give.