Snow on Glistening Peaks
written November 30, 2013
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Snow on Glistening Peaks
I am biased;
     biased by my own universe of memories,
     and many those biases are.

As I describe my life's events,
     I do so with an irreducible bias
     from present interpretations of those memories;
     as for everything else I might describe.

Some of my biases have a constant rock
     that none of the others have;

At least if Buddha's flowing river
     can have a name before it reaches the sea;
     as the river flows on.

My universe of memories are me.

My biases drift among opinions of others
     as I float from cloud to cloud of idea;
     as the river flows on.

I soar with the Chinese dragon of peace
     while saluting his brother's dragon of war;
     as the river flows on.

So forgive my failure to explain,
     for to explain to myself I cannot;
     as the river flows on.

As my river approaches the sea,
     it slows, now though carries far more
     water and dirt toward the cleansing sea;

Perhaps my current will persist in memories of other
     currents after my river reaches the sea,
     as the never ending river flows on

From snow on glistening peaks.