written sometime in 1970 (ll)
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I oscillate between contempt and pity
    for the simple little people

And who would call
    faculty members,
    million dollar movie stars,
    presidents of nations, and
    kings of countries "Simple little people"

Psychologists may say that
    the contempt and pity I feel is for myself
    but unknowingly transferred to my environment;
    I don't think it's true;
    It's not transferred but a part of my environment.

I will admit there may be some lurking unconscious
    that directs my thoughts and control my actions.
But they will have a hell of a time
    convincing me that what I think
    is not really what I think.

Because what I think is all
    I have to work with,
    not what I am told to think

If you get people to believe when you tell them
    what the you are thinking,
    the power of the world is yours.

If you to know what they are thinking
    the power of the gods is yours.

If you can get yourself to know what you're thinking
    the power of the heavens that the gods live in
    is yours