Patterns Of The Wind
March 22, 1996
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Patterns Of The Wind
I just caught a glimpse of one of God’s paintbrushes
      on the swirls of falling snow.

The infinite complexity of swirls upon sworls upon whorls
      of the wind is masked by larger swirls
      that make it appear the wind blows
      in a line of continually changing direction.

But if one rides with the wind and watches it blow,
      it becomes an infinitely deep set of fractals,
      ranging from the largest sworls,
      hundreds to thousands of kilometers across
      to the smallest of millimeters or less
      and every scale in between,

Wind paints a mosaic of incredible geometry
      best described by the Mandelbrot set,
      rather than differentials equation
      of fluid dynamics.

How may I insert the fractal iterative equations
      into the differential equations to capture
      the beauty, simplicity and complexity
      of patterns of the wind?