Come In, Come In, My Friends
August 2011
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Come In, Come In My Friends
Come in, come in my friends

Let us talk of gods and men.
But I must warn you:

I ride the dragon Confucius cannot tame;
     I sail upon the wind the Buddha cannot calm;
     I folic upon Jesus’ throne,
          while peering from my Olympic home,
          but view Olympus from time and cause
          whose whence and why I cannot know.

So come in my friends
Let us talk of gods and men.

If you come to teach and learn, come in, come in;
else go away so as to not waste my time with god.

I wrote this to welcome two young Mormon boys on their church mission of spreading the word of Mormon. In Woodstock Square, they gave me a Book of Mormon and asked if they could come to my house to talk of God. I said sure. When they arrived I handed them this note. Before I had a chance to explain the symbolism, they ran out the door like dogs with tails between their legs. I guess they did not want to talk about God. posted at HelloPoetry