Now Where Did I Put That Pipe?
written October 4, 1969
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19691004                    Compassion                    Death                Morality (hashish)                    Senses

Now Where Did I Put That Pipe?
The pangs of hunger torture my body,
     And the pains of love torture my mind.

I can relieve the hunger, but I won't;
     It serves as an illusion
     To steal my thoughts
     From self-pity.

My pipe is filled with hashish,
     In case I forget to forget.

So, you see,
     Besides the obvious mental defenses,
     I have enough escapes to drive away
     Those faint whispers enticing unto death.

It's not just this one time
     I played and lost
     That disintegrates my will;

But all the games
     I must face tomorrow
     Knowing the rules don't permit winners,
     But demand participation.

Now where did I put that pipe?

Still smokin' dope in 2020; still chasin' away the blues; best medicine I have found yet; it's legal now, still hashish when I can find it, bubble hash now, easier to make than collecting it in the fields.