March 1980 (ll)
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19800000                         Organizations                         Morality

I am grieved
To the depths of my soul.
I hear cries that surround me
Calling for an end to bureaucracy.

And I must ask,
What is bureaucracy?
But a dark chasm in which
The mindless
The gutless
The timid
And the tyrant can hide.

I see the world crumbling, wavering,
Toppling under its own weight.
I would like to help
I would like to be able to say only,
“This is not necessary”.

But the organization mutes
The sounds before they escape.
All around I hear many

Uttering the same cry,
No, not many, all
But the muting overwhelms even
The roar of all.

What is the motive of the muting?
If all wished to be heard
What can the muting be but
A thing unto itself?
For itself?

I sit upon high
And even here I cannot see
The nature of the muting.

Only as an empty voice
That bespeaks of pursuing
That which it hates.