Canadian Hippies
July 1976 (ll)
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Canadian Hippies
(revision of I Met Them One Day)
I met them one day when I was alone,
They didn’t ask my name or occupation,
Only what they could do to make my life happier.

After a few minutes I could see in their eyes
The beauty that comes from loving and from searching.
We talked about many ideas, many people and many hopes.
Some weren’t ready chase their hopes, some were,
And together they explored new ways
To find truth and happiness.

They were beautiful people who,
Though often disappointed by life,
Never succumbed to the temptation
To accept a secure future in hypocrisy
That surrounded them.

They were always will to offer a hand
Or word of encouragement to anyone
Who needed it.

They brought harm to no one,
Nor did they try to force their ideas
Upon those who didn’t see the world as they.

They did not say “We’re right”
Or even, “You’re wrong”
But asked only to be allowed to pursue happiness
In their own way, as long as they interfered with
No one else’s chosen path.